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What’s In Store For MicroStrategy Going Forward? CEO Michael Saylor Reveals

MicroStrategy has been topping its bitcoin holdings in the last year and is now the public company with the largest bitcoin holdings in the world. Presently, the firm holds over 124K BTC on its balance sheet, worth over $5 billion, remaining in profit despite the recent downtrend. However, with such a large holding, one tends…
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01/14/2022 0

Bitcoin Is Massively Overvalued, Billionaire ’Bond King’ Jeff Gundlach

Billionaire Jeff Gundlach has shared his thoughts around bitcoin, saying that the digital asset is massively overvalued. Gundlach who is also known as the ‘Bond King’ is the founder of the investment firm, DoubleLine Capital. Bitcoin which has suffered numerous dips that have caused it to lose over 30% of its all-time high value continues…
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01/13/2022 0

By The Numbers: Here’s How Much Bitcoin Michael Saylor Holds

Michael Saylor is one of the most vocal supporters of bitcoin and is CEO of MicroStrategy, the company with the largest bitcoin holdings in the world. The CEO has always been a big proponent of the digital asset, taking both a personal and professional stake in the asset. Saylor had revealed in 2020 that he…
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12/24/2021 0

Billionaire Orlando Bravo Reveals He Owns Bitcoin And Why He’s ‘Very Bullish’

Billionaire Orlando Bravo recently revealed his stance on crypto. Talking to CNBC, Bravo revealed that he indeed held bitcoin and held a very bullish stance on the future of the digital asset. The billionaire appear at the Delivering Alpha conference where he openly expressed his love for crypto. Bravo highlight some of the best features…
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