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What’s In Store For MicroStrategy Going Forward? CEO Michael Saylor Reveals

MicroStrategy has been topping its bitcoin holdings in the last year and is now the public company with the largest bitcoin holdings in the world. Presently, the firm holds over 124K BTC on its balance sheet, worth over $5 billion, remaining in profit despite the recent downtrend. However, with such a large holding, one tends…
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01/14/2022 0

MicroStrategy Remains One Step Ahead With $94M Bitcoin Purchase

MicroStrategy has once again doubled down on its bitcoin holdings with another purchase. This time around, the company spent almost $100 million to add more BTC to its mammoth holdings. The company which has been buying bitcoin since 2019 has stuck to its promise to invest heavily in the digital asset and has been the…
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12/31/2021 0

By The Numbers: Here’s How Much Bitcoin Michael Saylor Holds

Michael Saylor is one of the most vocal supporters of bitcoin and is CEO of MicroStrategy, the company with the largest bitcoin holdings in the world. The CEO has always been a big proponent of the digital asset, taking both a personal and professional stake in the asset. Saylor had revealed in 2020 that he…
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12/24/2021 0

Is MicroStrategy Considering Lending Their Bitcoin To Generate Yield? WHY?

Say it isn’t so! Apparently, MicroStrategy ‘s Michael Saylor is considering lending the company’s Bitcoin. On a corporate level, that makes all the sense in the world. As a Bitcoiner, it doesn’t. Will MicroStrategy actually go through with it? Is lending a reasonable strategy? What are the implications? Also, why are hardcore Bitcoiners so against…
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12/17/2021 0

MicroStrategy Follows El Salvador’s Lead As It Buys Bitcoin Dip

For those who can afford it, the recent dips in Bitcoin price have been nothing more than an opportunity to buy the digital asset at a discounted price. This has certainly been the case for El Salvador and now MicroStrategy, as both these entities have moved swiftly to take advantage of the price dip to…
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11/30/2021 0

MicroStrategy Bent On Increasing Bitcoin Bet After 9,000 BTC Purchase, Says CEO

MicroStrategy has been bullish from the start evidenced by its bitcoin purchases. The firm owns over 110 bitcoins and has deepened its crypto bet at various times during the past year. The tech firm has continuously raised money at various points to purchase more BTC to add to its balance sheet and there is no…
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Tomorrow, The Community Will Buy $30 In BTC To Support El Salvador’s Bitcoin Law

The day is here. In a few hours, El Salvador’s Bitcoin Law goes into effect. We will have the first real-world example of a whole nation using the hardest money ever created as legal tender. And, how is the Bitcoin community celebrating? Stack sats, obviously. The order is for everyone to buy $30 worth of…
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09/06/2021 0

MicroSrategy CEO Michael Saylor Says Bitcoin Is A Safe Haven

Bitcoin is the leading investment for MacroStrategy, a division of software company, MicroStrategy. Michael Saylor, who heads up this firm, has always been a BTC maximalist. Saylor has both a personal and institutional stake in the digital asset. MacroStrategy has continued to up its investment in the digital asset since it first started investing. So…
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michael saylor brings the thunder to venezuelan bitcoin only podcast

Michael Saylor Brings The Thunder To Venezuelan Bitcoin-Only Podcast

If someone is doing his part, that’s Michael Saylor. The MicroStrategy CEO proved that he’s a stand-up guy by sharing the knowledge on a medium-sized podcast that’s usually in Spanish. Saylor went in on the topics du jour and revealed never-before-heard secrets. What does he think about El Salvador? What’s up with the infamous Mining…
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07/23/2021 0

Why Capital International’s $600M Investment In MicroStrategy Matters To Bitcoin

Capital International’s strategic investment in one of the most talked-about companies of the year shouldn’t raise any eyebrows. However, when said company is pursuing a never-before-seen strategy using a highly experimental digital asset, the world watches. It’s safe to say that Capital International believes in MicroStrategy as a company and in its CEO Michael Saylor.…
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controversial bitcoin mining council confirms sustainable power

Controversial Bitcoin Mining Council Confirms “Sustainable Power Mix”

The Bitcoin Mining Council is back at it. The controversial initiative lead by Michael Saylor presented “the findings of its first quarterly survey focused on two important metrics: electricity consumption and sustainable power mix.” The broadcast was delivered via YouTube and open to the public. They choose to limit their reproduction in other sites, though.…
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Bitcoin Mining Council: We Need To Tackle Negative Media Narratives

The Bitcoin Mining Council has publicized its aim to tackle negative media narratives. In its inaugural meeting which was hosted on Twitter Spaces, the council discussed bad press that has been surrounding Bitcoin and its mining in the past weeks. The China crackdown has led to the shut down of a number of mining farms.…
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michael saylor clarifies his companys bitcoin strategy on uss national tv

Michael Saylor Clarifies His Company’s Bitcoin Strategy On US’s National TV

The dedication MicroStrategy’s CEO puts into Bitcoin raises questions even in the crypto sphere. Imagine how people in the traditional financial world feel. Michael Saylor joined CNBC’s “Fast Money” talk show to discuss his controversial game plan. The hosts asked though questions and the CEO answered them with ease. What follows is a play-by-play narration…
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